Features and solutions

Perhaps you have sloping walls, odd angles or a pitched roof.

At Masswerk, this is what we like to see! It is precisely in these difficult spaces, that our custom made closets shine the brightest. Masswerk means being able to use each space as well and as stylishly as possible. You gain a great deal of space, making optimal use of your interior. Our work is professionally designed by craftsmen and installed in your home. 

  • Dormer ceilings, odd-shaped corners and slanted roofs?

    We love those at Masswerk! It is exactly in those difficult places that our custom wardrobes attain their full potential. With Masswerk you can make the most efficient and stylish use of every space, allowing you to increase your surface area and get the most out of your interior. Every Masswerk is designed by a professional and assembled by one of our qualified fitters.

    There’s always a solution!

    There’s always a solution!

    A slanted roof, an irregular ceiling or a floor that slopes ... none of these are a problem! Our custom solutions are measured accurately up to the millimetre at your home and made to fit your home’s peculiarities at our factory. No matter how quaint a particular corner is, or how crooked a wall - we can offer you the solution to ensure that you will be able to get the most out of your custom wardrobe for many years to come.

    Like a glove

    Like a glove

    Our glass and panel doors are made to measure precisely under the exact angle of your roof to ensure that your storage solution fits in the allocated space like a glove.

  • Not a millimetre of space lost!

    Not a millimetre of space lost!

    Do you want to make the best possible use of all your available space? We will be happy to design the perfect wardrobe for you, ensuring that not a millimetre of space is lost. Both the interior and the doors will be made perfectly flush to the corner and give your wardrobe a sleek, streamlined appeal.

  • Perfect inside and outside

    Perfect inside and outside

    Just as the wardrobe, we also offer bespoke interiors that are designed entirely to your personal specifications in consultation with your Masswerk consultant. We have a custom solution for everything: from your shoe collection to your eveningwear. This way you can efficiently organise your clothing and accessories, regardless of how logical the available space is - or isn’t.

    Unlimited choice of colours

    Unlimited choice of colours

    In addition to the measurements, Masswerk also gives you complete freedom when it comes to choosing colours. The interiors of Masswerk are available in sixteen selected colours and you can choose from more than 50 different decors. This way you can create sliding doors, dressing tables, sideboards or room dividers that match the rest of your interior. Perhaps you might go for gladstone or deep black varnished glass. We can make a lot of things easy for you, but the final choice is up to you. 

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